Theatre in India – Summer/Winter Intensive

Dates: Two to four weeks in July-August or December-January

Courses: This program consists of required courses and a performance project (also for credit), chosen from the following:

  • The Global & the Local: Indian society and culture in a changing world (3 credits)
  • Indian Performing Arts Traditions: Rasas and the Natyashastra in theory and practice (3 credits)
  • Performance Project: Scenes and solo pieces based on Sanskrit aesthetic theory, culminating in a final performance for the public

Optional additional courses:

  • Performing arts practicuum: classical Indian music, vocal or instrumental (flute, tabla, violin, sitar) or dance,(kathak, bharatnatyam) (1.5 credits)
  • Language study: Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali (1.5/3 credits)
  • Other courses from our catalog

**This can also be organised as a faculty-led trip with modifications in the course structure. Please contact us for details.

Fees: There is a consolidated Program Fee of $1100 for two weeks and $2100 for four weeks. This includes:

  • Guesthouse & Cafeteria: On-campus residence and 15 meals a week
  • Other Facilities: Libraries, WiFi, and security
  • Research assistance and networking with performers & artists

Work-Study: There are some assistantships available, for teaching or administration at NIRMAN. Please apply with a letter stating your skills and interests.

Deadline: Rolling deadline – apply nowContact us with any question or clarifications.

Please note:

Students may opt for more courses, an additional independent study/project, or an academic internship at an additional cost and possibly a longer stay.

Graduate students in theatre can propose their own study or research topic which we will facilitate. Additional coursework can be planned in the required classes.