Your Family At NIRMAN

The idea at NIRMAN is to improve management in India in a non-domineering, culturally compatible way. We hope to make a radical difference in local work ethics and responsibility. But even while they are learning, everyone must feel an insider to the organization. A family, for all its shortcomings, is a good metaphor for belonging and for caring. We are keen on technical expertise—and to talk of “family” should not make us seen soft !

Please join our family for the short time you are here! That means, talk and interact with everyone but also feel free to volunteer in any activity you see going on. And whenever there is a problem please do tell us and may be even help resolve it, if appropriate.

Among others, you will meet:

Ramesh, a driver and also a guard, also lives on campus, alone Can speak a little English but may be shy (always encourage such people) His children stays with him on campus.

Rani didi, an assistant of great ability and experience partly in the preschool, partly for domestic duties as needed Perhaps the most wizened of the NIRMAN staff. Is a bold singer and dancer.

Kanti didi, the head chef of the NIRMAN cafeteria has resisted all efforts to be promoted to manager. Can cook northern and southern Indian food. Knows limited English, difficult to guess what she is saying and it is usually the opposite of what you guess, so please feel free to guess again or ask someone who can translate.

Pushpa didi, the head chef of the Southpoint Cafe, and very systematic, efficient, and helpful. Can cook many European and American dishes. Like all the other women assistants, lives in Nagwa, nearby, and has many children and a bustling family.

Mira didi, the main assistant for the guest house, super efficient and trustworthy. Don’t let any problem pass you by. Explain to her with gestures and simple words. If there is miscommunication, please write down in the notebook or on a slip of paper and give it to her or leave it with another NIRMAN person for her. She takes pride in making everyone’s experience at NIRMAN excellent , so help her by telling her whatever is less than that. She will also be the first to tell you to please always lock your valuables in your steel cupboard or your room.

Chinta didi, the main cook and assistant in Betawar. A skilled seamstress and handy with her fingers in other crafts jobs also. Always ready to make an effort, and if not smiling, it’s because she is trying so hard.

Mamta ma’am teaches Hindi to our foreign students and will perhaps take some Hindi classes with you.

Jayanti ma’am also teaches Hindi to our foreign students and will perhaps take some Hindi classes with you.

Abha ma’am, is overall in charge of Betawar. the staff and estate and anything to do with your experience at NIRMAN can be brought to her notice. Please feel free to write it down too to supplement or replace what you say orally . She and we all want very much to ensure that everything gets communicated and understood perfectly ! Abha ma’am is a teacher of Sanskrit and of Hindi and English is her third language.

Sunita ma’am, the Office Manager at NIRMAN, is there to help you in whatever you may further need.